PIC Microcontroller and Embedded Systems - By Rolin McKinlay, Muhammad Ali Mazidi, Danny Causey

PIC Microcontroller and Embedded Systems - By Rolin McKinlay, Muhammad Ali Mazidi, Danny Causey

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PIC Microcontroller and Embedded Systems - By Rolin McKinlay, Muhammad Ali Mazidi, Danny Causey

ISBN: 9788131716755
Pages: 800
Pearson Education (2008)

PIC Microcontroller and Embedded Systems offers a systematic approach to PIC programming and interfacing using the Assembly and C languages. Offering numerous examples and a step-by-step approach, it covers both the Assembly and C programming languages and devotes separate chapters to interfacing with peripherals such as timers, LCDs, serial ports, interrupts, motors and more. A unique chapter on the hardware design of the PIC system and the PIC trainer round out coverage, while text appendices and online support make it easy to use in the lab and classroom.

About the authors
Muhammad Ali Mazidi
went to Tabriz University and holds Master’s degrees from both Southern Methodist University and the University of Texas at Dallas. He is currently a.b.d. on his Ph.D. in the Electrical Engineering Department of Southern Methodist University. He is co-author of a widely used textbook, The 80x86 IBM PC and Compatible Computers, also available from Prentice Hall. He teaches microprocessor-based system design at DeVry University in Dallas, Texas.

Rolin McKinlay has a BSEET from DeVry University. He is currently working on his Master’s degree and PE license in the state of Texas. He is currently self-employed as a programmer and circuit board designer, and is a partner in MicroDigitalEd.com

Danny Causey graduated from CET department of De Vry University.His areas of interest include networking, game development, microcontroller and embedded system design.


  • Systematic coverage of the PIC18 family of microcontrollers.
  • Coverage of C language programming of the PIC18-starting from Chapter 7.
  • Chapters (9-17) on programming and interfacing the PIC with peripherals.
  • An entire chapter (Chapter 8) dedicated to the design of the PIC Trainer.

Table of Contents

  • The PIC Microcontrollers: History and Features
  • PIC Architecture & Assembly Language Programming
  • Branch, Call, and Time Delay Loop
  • PIC I/O Port Programming
  • Arithmetic, Logic Instructions, and Programs
  • Bank Switching, Table Processing, Macros, and Modules
  • PIC Programming in C
  • PIC18F Hardware Connection and ROM Loaders
  • PIC18 Timer Programming in Assembly and C
  • PIC18 Serial Port Programming in Assembly and C
  • Interrupt Programming in Assembly and C
  • LCD and Keyboard Interfacing
  • ADC, DAC, and Sensor Interfacing
  • CCP and ECCP Programming
  • Radio wave Propagation
  • SPI Protocol and DS1306 RTC Interfacing
  • Motor Control: Relay, PWM, DC, and Stepper Motors

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